First Time Homebuyer Event – February 10 & 11, 2015

Learn about programs that offer down payment assistance and credit counseling to help you become a new homeowner!

These programs match your down payment funds $3 to $1. For instance, save $5,000 and receive $15,000 in grant funds. Live in your home for 5 years and the grant could be forgiven, meaning you don’t pay back a dime. Counseling requirements and income eligibility apply.

The purpose of this event is to determine if a potential buyer is within the grant guidelines and if there are any barriers to receiving our grant funds and/or homeownership.

These are not short term programs. If you are committed to learning how you can become a first time home owner, even if you thought you’d never be able to afford it, let’s talk about your goals and see if these programs can assist you in reaching your dream.

This first time home buyer event will take place at the Cinque Terre Realty office at 1848 Hwy 95 in Bullhead City, AZ.

Call Nikki Reagan at 702-493-0781 for an appointment.