Will Zillow give you an accurate home value?

zestimate-d2a6b3Zillow’s a good place to start if you want to get a general estimate of what your home is worth. Zillow’s Zestimates give you a property value range, based on public records of the property’s:

• physical attributes;
• tax assessments; and
• prior and current transaction data.

The drawback? Zestimates are generated by a computer, not a person. Improvements and  defects are not taken into consideration. It provides estimates for an expansive database of properties and gives a snapshot of the overall market. If you’re serious about selling, you’ll need more than a general estimate. A diligent agent compares your home’s unique features with recently sold homes to ensure accurate pricing.

Agents determine the value of your home by preparing a comparable market analysis. The comparable market analysis is based on:

• property type and size;
• number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
• age, condition and style;
• location; and
• dates of recent sales.

Agents, unlike Zillow, gather data by:

• researching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS);
• previewing comparable properties;
• viewing photos of properties; and
• contacting buyer’s and seller’s agents of comparable properties.

Zillow and online home valuation tools are important in today’s market, but they’re not a  replacement for professional advice. Are you serious about selling? Call me today for a free comparable market analysis! I’ll do the research to pin down an accurate listing price for your property.

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